Nanomaterials as catalysts


Carbon Nanotube

​​DDH  Advanced Materials Inc.

  DDH Advanced Materials Inc. (also known as DDH  Advanced Materials & Systems, Inc.was incorporated in Delaware to discover and develop functional nanomaterials with innovative performance in catalysis, composite materials, nanoprinting, etc.

  There are three departments (Nanomaterials and Catalysis, Nanocarbon and Composites, Nanoprinting) in DDHAM. Department of Nanomaterials and Catalysis is focusing on highly active and highly selective non-precious metal catalysts, novel nanoporous catalyst supports, and their applications in biorenewable fuel production, fuel cells and environment innovatively. Department of Nanocarbon and Composites is focusing on the synthesis of special carbon nanotubes and graphene, and their innovative applications in aerospace composites. Department of Nanoprinting is focusing on conductive nanomaterials and their applications in nanoprinting.

  DDHAM also offers a breadth and depth of products and services that cannot be matched in the industry. With our worldwide manufacturing facilities, we help our customers successfully with value-added and industry-leading nanomaterials with different structures and functions.